What do I have to be anxious about?

I had an anxiety dream two nights in a row where I was late to the airport. In one dream, Kris Jenner was supposed to pick me and my dad up and drive us. She was late. I hope by including “Kris Jenner” in this post it will boost traffic to my blog. Khloe Kardashian was there too. We missed our flight, which was a problem because it was a direct flight from New Delhi to Bellingham, and they only had one flight a day.

Last night, I dreamed that Rob and I were at my mom’s old house and we didn’t have enough time to go to a museum before our flight that night. I had prepaid for the museum tickets and we wouldn’t be able to use them. I came up with a brilliant plan that if we missed our flight on purpose, we could rebook for the next day without having to pay a change fee, thus giving us time to go to the museum. But I couldn’t find the airline phone number on its website.

I started writing this post thinking these dreams are so weird because I have nothing in the world to be anxious about. I have nothing but time. I spent the first half of this day honoring veterans by napping on the couch.

But as I typed the sentence about rebooking a flight, I remembered that yesterday, I wanted to change the return flight for an upcoming trip to make it easier to pick up Leo from the kennel.

Ah ha. How could I forget? I practically cried about this yesterday. I am exceedingly anxious about going away and leaving the dogs. Rob’s parents are the best dog sitters ever, but they are going on this trip with us. I am worried I won’t even be able to enjoy myself because I will be so worried about the dogs.

I don’t want to board Mia, because I’m afraid she’ll think she’s being sent to live in yet another home. I told her months ago that she would live in this house the rest of her life, but I don’t really know how much English she understands. So we’re having someone come stay with her. Dealing with Leo is a lot more to ask of someone. We boarded him last Thanksgiving and he did fine. Why am I afraid the very same kennel will ruin him this time around?

Short of changing our return flight, the best solution will be for Mia’s dog-sitter to pick Leo up the night before we get home. But will Leo even get in the car with her? Will she have to drive my car and bring Mia with her?

Unfounded anxiety, right? Oh! Except in the book Lost Dogs about the Michael Vick case, one of the rescued dogs got away and got killed while she was being dog-sat. So yeah, that’s what I’m afraid of.

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