World Trade Center: The Movie

Oliver Stone directed this movie? How can that possibly be? It was so clunkily directed. And those flashbacks? Laaa-aame. With respect to the real-life people whose story it is, I found myself wondering why, of all the people who survived or were killed, I was supposed to become emotionally involved with these ones. Then IContinue reading “World Trade Center: The Movie”

But is the capital Astana or Almaty?

I’m offended by Ali G’s Borat character, mostly because I know what Kazakh people look like, and that’s not it. I have to confess, however, that there are aspects of the gag that make me chuckle. If only he’d kept the character Moldovan or Albanian. The government of Kazakhstan has cried foul, and I’d sayContinue reading “But is the capital Astana or Almaty?”