A napkin would be nice

So I’m sitting in the theater, waiting for Dreamgirls to start, when a lady pokes me in the skull with the corner of her cardboard refreshment tray. I cringe and say something like, “ow,” just to let her know she made contact.

She says, “I’m sorry,” and then spills some of her drink on my head.

“You just poured your drink on my head!” I exclaim with a laugh in my voice, because these things happen.

“I said I was sorry!” she huffs.

“Just letting you know,” I retort, ‘cus what else is there to say? I know she didn’t mean to pour her drink on my head, and there was no real harm done. But why did she think saying she was sorry was sufficient? What’s wrong with, “Oh, my goodness, I’m sorry. Are you all right?” I didn’t think the pouring of the drink on my head was nearly as rude as “I said I was sorry,” like how dare I be offended by such a thing.

Anyway. Happy New Year. And go see Dreamgirls. And Rocky Balboa. If you’re into musicals and/or inspirational boxing movies.

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Writer, editor, dog mom, ovarian cancer survivor

2 thoughts on “A napkin would be nice

  1. Oh like you don’t want to sing along during Rocky’s training sequences.

    Dum dum dum, dum dum dum, dum de dum de dum de dum, dum de dum dum dum…

    Doesn’t really matter that it’s called “Gonna Fly Now” and it actually has lyrics to it, does it?

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