So Retro

I love my Rolodex! I’ve never had one before, you know, and never woulda thought to ask for one, because, like everyone in my generation I use Google instead of a phonebook.

But I was handed a new one that actually rotates all the way around, and has plastic slots where I can alphabetize business cards or just handwrite names and numbers. It’s so handy, especially when our network goes down, as it did yesterday, causing an officewide paralysis. And by officewide, I mean me and two other people.

It hailed today.

You’re wondering why you bother to read this blog, aren’t you?

2 thoughts on “So Retro

  1. Dear Kari:I’m a reporter with the Wall Street Journal and would love to speak to you about one of your blog posts. Will you contact me?katherine.rosman@wsj.comBest, Katie

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