Already behind

I’m in stage four of a mild cold: sinus congestion. (stages 1-3 are: throat sensitivity, sneezing and sore throat). I don’t think I’m going to be getting any worse.

I planned to take yesterday off as a sick day to take my dog to the dentist. I consider this a completely appropriate use of sick time. I was also going to use some of the time to work on my Nanowrimo novel. But wouldn’t you know it, I actually got sick! And then didn’t feel like working on my novel.

Don’t feel like it today either. So it’s Day 4 and I’m behind. I don’t feel like doing any of the other things I should be doing either. 1. Cleaning the kitchen. 2. Doing laundry. 3. Training the dog. 4. Feeding the iguana.

Speaking of which…I’m thinking of giving Stew away. Is that awful? I love her, but I don’t give her the attention she deserves. I’d hate to have her go to a home that doesn’t know how to properly care for an iguana, but she could be living a happier life, maybe, if she were the apple of someone’s eye, the way Emerald was, or Isis is.

At least I was able to accomplish a few things so far today: 5. Eat crackers. 6. Check e-mail and Facebook. 7. Blog.

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