Harry Potter and the Defective Moving Walkway

I finally got to starting the last Harry Potter book this weekend. After managing to resist the hype and remain spoiler-free when it came out last summer, I borrowed Rob’s dad’s hardcover copy and it sat around until Friday when I decided to pick it up.

I knew that it would suck me in once I started, and yet, it never seemed like a good time to start. I sure wasn’t taking it to Disney World with me last September, or on the plane with me to California in October or December. (I’ve had Algebra textbooks that were more portable) Weekends at home that I could have spent reading, I spent painting my house instead.

So, I’m about halfway through and wish I could spend today on my couch reading more. Even though it’s really not looking good for Harry. (Don’t tell me!)

Also this weekend, I bought a treadmill via Craigslist for the dog. That’s right. For the dog. From a man with a rather Rowlingesque name. I’m misspelling it, in case he googles himself, and who doesn’t: Sirius Kronk.

Although he got the treadmill from a garage sale and the manufacturer doesn’t make it anymore, $100 seemed like a good deal for the thing, which I tested out and looked to be in excellent condition.

At home, we lured Isis onto it, and she trotted along with trepidation at about 1 mph. I was positively giddy about this transaction. Until this morning, when the thing kept stalling after 2 minutes at 2 mph with the dog on it. It doesn’t seem to do that when a human is on it, although it might, since I didn’t actually walk on it for more than 2 minutes.

It seems, from my google research, that the problem could be that it needs a new belt, which would cost $150. I explain this much to Rob, who says, “Please, just call the guy and tell him you’re more than happy to bring it back and see what he says.”

I don’t care what he says, it’s going to inconvenience me (and Rob too, since I can’t put the thing back in the truck by myself). Unless he says, “Oh, let me just refund some of your money. I’ll mail it to you. What’s your address?”

While Rob wants my $100 back, I’d rather just have a broken treadmill in my garage.

And I absolutely have to mention that we already have a treadmill, but Rob didn’t want to share it with the dog and have it get all scratched by her talons and coated in her fur. Besides, the ultimate goal is to have them run side-by-side on their treadmills, like Will Smith and his dog in I am Legend.

Update (1/16): I remembered that while Rob is a talker, I am a writer, so I e-mailed Sirius Kronk. He said he’d give me my money back. Then I finished Harry Potter. Felt sufficiently confused about a couple of plot points that I looked them up on Yahoo answers. Amazing how easy it is to find answers to such questions as “How did so-and-so become the master of the wand?” and “How did so-and-so get the sword?” Much easier than flipping through actual pages to find them.

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