Happy New Year and all that

So I was watching a Top Model Marathon yesterday while painting my kitchen. Watched more commercials than I probably did in the whole of 2007, because I was actually watching live TV.

Lots of commercials for ab-toning workouts. Specifically. Like the advertising folks figure everyone in the world will be feeling fat and looking for the answer to washboard abs. Not me, of course, I got my Bender Ball for Christmas. It’s a little disappointing though, because the accompanying DVD does not have the production quality of the infomercial. I’m sure they shot a low-budg workout video and made the infomercial way later.

Also, the trainer does not have washboard abs herself and does not have the charisma of, oh, say, the Yoga Booty Ballet ladies. The exercises are good, but after every set, she’s all like, “Wow, I’m sure feeling that? Are you feeling that?” Fortunately there’s an option to watch the video without listening to the instructions.

And oh, yeah, it’s the end of the world as we know it, when what we have to look forward to this television season is Rock of Love 2, Scott Baio is 46 and Pregnant and My Fair Brady: Maybe Baby?

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