Wasted day

There’s nothing more suspicious than calling in sick the day after vacation, so I waited until Tuesday to do it. I was supposed to go fishing (for work), but when my alarm went off at 6, I felt awful. The headache that hit just before bed was still there and my tummy kinda hurt too. Maybe I shoulda taken a headache pill before bed. Maybe it was something I ate.

So I canceled with the fisherman and slept til 8:30, when I left a message for the boss saying I was sick. And then I slept and watched TV in bed all damn day. It hurt to stand up and I could barely walk out to the edge of the yard to watch Isis chase her ball.

At first the idea of staying home with the dog sounded blissful, but it wasn’t as much fun as I thought. I started to feel very insecure that she didn’t love me anymore, because she didn’t even come cuddle with me on the bed. She really hates it when I lie in bed, evidently, because she just stands there and barks at me. Probably should have moved to the couch.

I drank some Gatorade last night and feel much better now. Maybe I was just dehydrated. How very Top Model/So You Think You Can Dance of me.

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Writer, editor, dog mom, ovarian cancer survivor

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