Quiet on the Northwest Front

All alone at the office today. Shoulda brought Isis with me. Although she can be a little distracting, it woulda been a good opportunity to practice her first obedience lesson. She started school last week and I’m sposedta take her around on a 20-foot lead some places with a lot of distractions, to teach her to keep her eyes on me and her body near me at all times.

So far we’ve done this only at class and at home, but our front yard can provide the distraction of passing cars, joggers and bicycles. As well as the barking of our next-door neighbor dogs.

Yesterday I drove around to practice picture-taking. The goal was to capture movement, which would have been easier with a slow shutter speed if I’d remembered to bring a tripod. But anyway, what struck me about the whole valley was the utter lack of movement. Very still.

Until I happened upon a field of a bajillion snow geese.

Unrelated, but here’s a preview of my tiling handiwork. Picture was taken with my phone, so it’s a little grainy. The larger tiles are leftover from my mom’s kitchen and the smaller ones are in her pool.

The vanity is in and fabulous. Now I just have to remove the remainder of the gold tile around the rest of the bathroom, replace it seamlessly with white, and paint three walls Indigo and the wall around the window and above the shower Camel.

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