I have no explanation for it, but I am feeling decidedly not festive this week.

Maybe it’s because I’ve already got everything I ever wanted, and have spent huge amounts of money this year, so I’m not as psyched about gift giving and receiving as usual. Unlike Rob, who happily made a list and actually went out and bought gifts for everyone he knows. Except possibly me, because I said we shouldn’t exchange gifts on account of all the stuff we’ve been buying the puppy. Then he went out and bought some presents for her. As if she doesn’t already have more toys than most 11-week-old children.

‘Course my ulterior motive is that Rob’s birthday is two weeks after Christmas, so I can easily save the stuff I’ve already gotten for him rather than try to figure out additional things to buy him.

My mother-in-law equivalent said that my father-in-law equivalent went a little crazy shopping for me. (!) It’s gotta be home improvement stuff. Does that make a $30 gift card from Lowe’s a weird gift to give him, or a perfect one?

Isis, Isis, my pretty little Isis. Joy of our lives. I went home midday to let her out and I swear, she peed a dozen times in an hour. I get the feeling that she’d like to spend her whole day outside playing with the soccer ball that came with our house. She looks so cute, romping around our backyard. I wonder, even if it were fully fenced, if I would feel comfortable leaving her out while we’re at work. I know that’s what people do, but she’d be so vulnerable to the elements. Like the freeway, and the creek, and college students…

I watched “An Inconvenient Truth” last night. How come, when all those critics were telling me this was the most important movie of the year and I heard not one single bad thing about the film, nobody mentioned that it’s really just Al Gore giving a slide show. Al Gore, graphs and maps. How did this movie sell?

I’m not saying it’s not a very important film, or that I didn’t turn down the thermostat and turn off a few lights while I was watching it … I’m just comparing it to “The Passion” (of the Christ.)

They (Christians) said that “The Passion” would make me believe in Jesus as my personal savior. I was like, “Oh yeah? Try me.”

And I guess they (film critics?) implied that “An Inconvenient Truth” would make me reduce my carbon dioxide emissions to zero. But I’m thinking, “eh, I don’t care if Florida sinks into the ocean, I own land on high ground at the opposite end of the country.” (And Al didn’t say whether Washington was in Greenland’s melt path.)

I liked the footage of stuff melting and the Before and After pictures of dried up lakes and rivers, but I wanted to know more about the causes of this climate crisis he speaks of.

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  1. Deciding on gifts can be so difficult. I think that anyone who takes time out to get a gift is a great person so think of it that way.

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