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Isis sat on my lap on the ride home from the vet. Take that, paparazzi!

She has roundworms! Ick. Good thing I ziplocked up a poop sample to take with me. While we’re on the topic, thus far I’ve spared the Internet of gross puppy poop stories, but I think it’s time.

To be fair, she’s only had a handful of accidents, and it’s usually when we (i.e. Rob) haven’t paid attention to her signals. Or forgot how long it’s been since she’s eaten relative to the last time she pooped. Yesterday I took her out after a rousing game of indoor tennis ball soccer. I’m telling you, she’s gifted. She holds a rawhide chew in her mouth and bats the ball between her paws. After she peed, Rob went into the computer room and I went into the bathroom to take out my contacts.

Isis did not follow me into the bathroom, but instead, left us a little present on the floor near the Christmas tree. I have no explanation for that one.

Also in the Mystery Poop department…I was wandering around the house in my socks yesterday when I noticed a teeny smudge of poo on the wood laminate. No indication of where it came from. Several steps across the house, I checked for and discovered poo on the bottom of my sock. Had I caused the smudge on the floor, or had the smudge caused the poo on my sock? I removed my socks and wandered around the entire house barefoot before checking to see whether the poo had seeped through the sock to my foot. It had.

So please, no eating off the floors.

And best for last…it’s not good for pets to ingest human hair. Especially long hair. Emerald had problems pooping a few times when a strand of my hair got in his system. A few weeks ago, Isis attempted to poop in an appropriate place (the yard) but just couldn’t let it go. Her poop was strung on one of my hairs like a popcorn chain on the Christmas tree. Just dangling out of her butt.

I think that was the same day Rob thought she was going to die because she ate a mushroom. Later, she sat next to me with a tennis ball in her mouth and started making a gagging sound. I thought maybe the tennis ball was stuck, so I pulled it out of her mouth, releasing all kinds of partially digested, chewed up treats.

Sorry. Threw in a little vomit story for good measure.

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