Shingle all the way

How many roof tiles need to blow off my roof before I consider it a problem? Do I wait until leaks actually form? I’ve been finding roof tiles in my yard for several weeks, and we’re supposed to have the worst windstorm of the season tonight. (Says who? From the wind’s point of view, it may well be the best windstorm.)

We lost power the other night and sought refuge at Rob’s parents’. We brought Stew with us because I was afraid he’d freeze without a heat source. He may well have been colder in Isis’ crate at Rob’s parent’s house. But at least he didn’t get left behind. He lost most of his toes during a power outage early in his life. I’m not entirely clear on the story, but he walked into a fire, or onto a stove, that his owners were using to keep him warm. I’ll be damned if he’s hurt or killed in another power outage. So, uh, I’m not sure what the plan is if the power goes out again tonight. We can’t build a fire in the fireplace, because we still haven’t had the chimney inspected.

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