Howler Monkey

I have the best-behaved puppy in the world. We had people over on Friday and they were so impressed at how she went into her crate by herself and didn’t bark or chew on anyone.

She was equally well-mannered when we took her to the in-law equivalents’ party yesterday.

You’d never know that, when no one’s looking, she chews on Rob’s face, bites my pant legs and howls like a baby when I put her in the crate so I can shower in the morning.

Ever so occasionally, when I take her out to pee, and I think she’s going to come right back in, so I don’t bother with the leash, she bolts around to the front of the house. Yesterday she did this on the creek side. I called out, “Isis!” She paused, looked at me, and sprinted away from me to the other side.

This from the critter who used to follow me to the bathroom. We really need to install that chainlink fence.

She’s been pretty good about the Christmas tree. Likes to chew on the tree skirt, but our Noble fir is so big I don’t think she’s strong enough to knock it over. Although she tried yesterday, by getting the string of lights in her mouth and starting to move away from the tree.

Guess she had on her naughty pants.

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Writer, editor, dog mom, ovarian cancer survivor

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