Fish gotta swim

Funny story.

I was on the road Friday, thinking about how my job is finally coming together. After 6 whole weeks, I actually felt like I knew what I was doing.

And then I realized I forgot my camera. Good thing I was able to borrow one, so I could capture fantastic shots like this one:

It’s a picture of some fish trying to spawn, in case my art is too abstract for you. They won’t be spawning, incidentally, since they’re hatchery fish. Their instincts are telling them to swim toward a dead end, where they’ll be donating their gametes to science.

Then there’s the matter of note-taking. I still had a notebook with me from the day before, but no amount of fumbling through my purse would turn up a writing utensil. Sometimes I have one in my jacket pocket, so I checked there. No pen. A milkbone yes, but no pen.

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