Snow Day!

I never go to work.

Lucky for Isis, who still cries if I leave the room and she can’t follow.
Schools are closed, ergo government offices are closed, ergo I am still in my pajamas. I have done some work from my laptop, but there’s not a lot I can do, especially since I was on vacation all last week.

This is the creek next to our house. Pretty wintry, eh?

Isis loves the snow, she bounds around in it, leaping through the drifts, which are now as tall as she is.

I don’t know if Stew is mad about the puppy, since they haven’t really been exposed to each other, but he’s not too happy that I left him for a whole week.

He pooped on his top shelf, which he’s never done, and on Saturday, he damn near took off the tip of my index finger when I tried to make amends by hand feeding him. It bled something fierce. He also knocked over the plant in his habitat.

The other night I accidentally unplugged his heater, and today I realized that I had it turned up to 100 degrees. So he’s right to be angry, as I am clearly trying to kill him.

At least I’m keeping him warm, which can’t be said about Isis.

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