Unconditional Love

We got a puppy!

We adopted her from my brother’s wife’s parents, police dog trainers who bred their family dog, a stoic Slovakia-born German Shepherd, with an exotic looking dam, also from Slovakia. No kidding, our little girl is a Slovakian-American German Shepherd.

We named her Isis.

Check out those paws. She’s gonna be huge.

In the meantime, she’s a lap dog and so well-behaved. I can’t even believe how well-behaved. Granted we’ve only had her six days, but I can’t imagine her ever doing anything bad. Sure, she’s going to chew stuff up…but not in a mean way.

She follows me around like a lovesick puppy. She’s obviously crazy about Rob (and he her), but if I get up and leave the room, she comes with. She actually sat outside the bathroom a few minutes ago and waited for me to come out. Good puppy.

Published by Kari Neumeyer

Writer, editor, dog mom, ovarian cancer survivor

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