Have to get away

My last job offered a ridiculous amount of vacation. Of which I took next to none, which might as well have been none, since nobody actually kept track of such things. So I got a nice departing paycheck in exchange for that relaxation I never got. Instead, it’s paying for the new insulation that has done nothing to keep the west wing of our home warm. Good thing no one sleeps at that end.

I am doubly grateful for that departing paycheck, direct-deposited as the good lord intended, since my current job sent my first two paychecks to the wrong address, and issued them in the wrong amount. I have yet to receive these.

In approximately 4 hours and 15 minutes, unless I leave early, I will begin an entire week away from the workplace. (Three of these days will be unpaid, as I have not accrued vacation days, but hey, EVERY day has been unpaid so far, so I doubt I’ll feel much of a belt-tightening.)

It’s hard to believe that it’s in the low 70s in La Jolla, where I will attend a festive backyard wedding and beach brunch this weekend, and the low 80s in my mom’s Los Angeles-area backyard. It’s also hard to believe that I can’t seem to pack for a 7-day trip without bringing four pairs of shoes. It’s not like there’s going to be a huge climate variable where I’m going.

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