J is for the Joy of Jolly Balls

File under things I wish someone had told me about sooner. The Joy of Jolly Balls Isis went through a lot of soccer balls. She’d have one favorite at time and fixate on it. You could throw any other ball and she’d ignore it, because she wanted that one ball, flattened and muddy, peeling, andContinue reading “J is for the Joy of Jolly Balls”

Wordless Wednesday in motion

Can Wordless Wednesday be a video? If I were to capture a new picture of the dogs today, they’d just be sitting here in the backyard with their Jolly Balls. Instead, I’ll show you what happened the other day when Mia’s Jolly Ball landed in the center of the tire. Powered by Linky Tools ClickContinue reading “Wordless Wednesday in motion”