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I worked from home unexpectedly yesterday, so I could take my dog to the vet. As a result, I didn’t have a work notebook to take with me to a seminar today.

So I found an old reporter’s notebook that had not been completely filled up. It was the notebook they gave me when I did my trial story at the my first newspaper job in January 2003. The story was about plans for an off-leash dog park. A newspaper clipping about the public meeting still was tucked between the pages, which I discovered as I reached the end of the notebook this afternoon.

In addition to my notes from both stories I wrote for that job interview (the first was a total failure, about how the recent dock lockouts had affected a local port — which turned out to be not one bit. They gave me the dog park story because it was a little “easier.” Can you believe they hired me?), this notebook contained notes from all the apartments I looked at after the interview, so confident was I that I would get the job.

It also contained notes I scrawled during the phone conversation I had with my current boss in October 2006, when he offered me the job, including details about my salary and raise schedule.

Also notes about our road trip to Calif. in July 2007 and Disney World vacation in Sept. 2007.

And now three-quarters of it is notes from a tribal climate change workshop in April 2009.

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