Did you ever think you’d see the day when I’d be buying chicken hearts in bulk and feeding raw meat to my dog?

After reading a lot about the health benefits of raw feeding (less shedding, no bad breath, smaller poops, walking on two legs, growing opposable thumbs), in addition to my concern that her teeth were eroding because of some sort of nutritional deficiency…or else she’s compulsively chewing on her itchy skin (which also would be corrected by eating a “Franken-prey” diet)…I took the plunge. So far it’s just chicken and I haven’t had a problem with it. We’ll see how I do when I add other meats. I joined a co-op that bulk orders things like tracheas, whole deer and sheep heads. Ick. Haven’t ordered any yet.

Here’s how it works with my semi-vegetarian philosophy…if I love animals, isn’t the animal-friendly thing to do to feed my own critter a diet that’s as close to nature as possible? That’s how I rationalize it anyway.

Update: Isis has a root canal today. My worst case scenario was that she would need two root canals and have a small lower incisor pulled. Which turned out to be the case. So in a few weeks, I again have to drive Isis practically to Seattle and back for the second root canal…and not only will this cost me double what I expected to pay for one root canal, but today’s appointment was more than they told me it would be because they needed to take more films and use more anesthesia than they expected.

WTF? They can charge me whatever they want to when they’ve got my dog under anesthesia. I’m under no obligation to have the second root canal, but she does need it.

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