Changing tactics

If anyone’s wondering, my last effort at Weight Watching was a miserable failure. I weighed the same this morning as I did when I decided to go back.

I don’t know why I can’t do it this time, unless it has something to do with living with a dude (so not only have I stopped worrying about attracting one, but he’s a terrible influence) and/or my 32-year-old metabolism.

Then there’s my tendency to develop new, fattening addictions such as egg nog chai lattes. I’m not in the habit of getting high-calorie coffee drinks every day, and yet, for about two weeks, I was planning my day around which coffee hut I would drive through to score my sugary fix. And then I’d be all, “Can you cut the superfatty egg nog with nonfat milk?”

Today, I bought some egg nog chai mix at the co-op…a much lower calorie, non-fat version of the delicacy, so I’m sure that will make a huge difference in my ability to lose weight this holiday season.

Another thrilling development is the new candy machine in my office. Some dude raising money for children’s cancer research dropped it off yesterday. Bear with me here, this is good. I can’t mindlessly eat M&Ms like I used to when my boss kept a jar on his desk right outside my office (three or four jobs ago). Oh, no, I have to find a quarter and think about what I’m doing as I twist the knob to get 6 M&Ms. This is accountability.

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