We drove out to the tree farm with Isis on Saturday, parked and got her all harnessed up before we saw the “No dogs please” sign. So we got back in the car, drove and drove and drove, passed a little farm with cookie-cutter perfect trees, but kept going until we got to a place that felt right.

Dunno why we consider it necessary to bring the dog, except that dealing with her is a good excuse for my not helping with the sawing.

Evidently the saw we brought was too dull, so Isis and I walked back to the front of the farm to borrow one of theirs. Guess 7-foot Noble firs have pretty thick trunks.

Huh. Looked thicker in person. It’s a beautiful tree. And big. Must be 4 feet across, at least.

Family portrait in front of the decorated tree to come.

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