A bliss of another kind

The patient has stabilized. I went to Seattle last night to see Tori again, and order was restored to the universe.

I was even able to remember a few highlights from Monday evening:

  • The dude sitting next to me (not Rob) sobbing uncontrollably during “Winter,” which she performed beautifully. I mean, sure I cried when my friend danced to that with her father at her wedding, but this dude must have really been going through some stuff, you know?
  • Listening to “Bliss,” and thinking about how it was the first song I ever bought on the Internet. On my mom’s computer one morning after acting class. I didn’t live at home by then, but my Mac Color Classic wasn’t equipped for such tasks. I played that song over and over and over at my Mom’s. And then I looked up the lyrics.

It’s fair to say that I enjoyed last night’s show more. Having nothing to do, I’m sure, with the lemongrass lime rickey I drank with dinner at Dragonfish.

She opened as “Pip,” which would have been my last choice, but she really rocked the house, as far as I could tell from Row W (actually fourth from the very last row). She sang a lot of songs that I might not have requested, but they sounded wonderful. Even a cover of “Heart of Gold” that I usually skip over on her covers CD. She played my favorite from that album, though: “Rattlesnakes.” And “Smells like teen spirit.” Oh yeah, I’m in Seattle, duh. And one of four numbers during the encores was the Monkees’ “I’m a Believer.”

She closed with “Tear in your hand.” Beautiful.

Best of all, my car was right where I left it. Although it took me longer to get out of the parking garage than it did for us to retrieve my car from the impound lot on Monday.