Let’s just call it a bad day

I’m feeling rather frustrated and useless today. Could be because the day started with our being attacked by a dog. (Read about that here.)

Or because a site visit went awry when I arrived and there was no one there but a boxer (the canine kind). That part wasn’t actually so bad, because it amused me to wander around the deserted facility with the guard dog happily trailing behind me. I was thinking, Can you believe this is my job?

But when I got back to the home office, I found out about a number of happenings that I should have been aware of prior to their happening, which made me feel like I’m not quite as on top of things as I thought I was.

Have had to reassure myself that this is not evidence of a character flaw, but simply that today was a bad day and tomorrow will be better.

Besides, I had my one-year review this week (tomorrow is my one-year anniversary, I can’t even believe it), and as far as everyone else is concerned, I’ve exceeded expectations.

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Writer, editor, dog mom, ovarian cancer survivor

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