And the stars realign

We saw a deer on our walk this morning. And a bunny rabbit. Not a single vicious unleashed canine.

I think Isis and I sensed the deer at the same moment. My first instinct when I saw the movement on the trail ahead was, “Oh crap, a dog without an owner.” And then it turned and made eye contact. It took my synapses a second to run through the list of creatures I’d seen before on this trail (Short list: human, canine and rabbit), and then I probably breathed, “Ohh. It’s a deer.”

It actually took a few steps toward us and watched us, before stepping carefully into the woods and watching us through the trees as we passed by. Isis, of course, wanted to go for a run with the deer, as she did when Rob and I were at Disneyworld and she took off after one, causing Rob’s mom to chase her down in a car, calling out to every person she saw, “Did you see a German shepherd this way run?”

Anyway, it was a beautiful moment. The bunny rabbit a little while later was just icing on the cake.

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