Mental tetris

Ahh, my favorite kind of work day. Aside from the ones where I’m taking pictures on a beach all day.

I’m designing the second half our our magazine and I’m totally mesmerized by InDesign. I can sit here all day and move little boxes around. I can’t pinpoint it, but it looks better in this program than it did in PageMaker.

Not sure if this is a good thing, but simultaneously, there is a meeting in back, meaning donuts and Chinese food readily available.

Looking forward to the weekend, because there are 8 episodes of Prison Break in my future. We’re trying to catch up, but since they didn’t release season 2 on DVD until a few weeks ago, we’re having to hold the season 3 premiere in the TiVo queue. We just might finish season 2 this weekend though.

We’re two episodes past the point where my brother thinks the show jumped the shark. But hello! There was kissing, and train chases, and kissing! I’m rapt.

Interestingly, my brother’s reason is not on this list, but I got a coupla spoilers by looking at it. Knew I would.

But back to the kissing. What do you think Wentworth Miller‘s lovers call him? Wenty? Worthy? W?

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