To have seen what I’ve seen

Oh, woe. Poor little me. Life was so much fun before Disney World. Now, how can it compare?

On the plus side, there was no Isis in Orlando. The first couple of days were rough. I kept wondering what she was doing and whether she was worried we weren’t coming back. Then it became clear that she was having a delightful time with Rob’s folks. Then she took off after a deer and Rob’s mom had to chase after her in a car. I kinda wish I’d been there, just to see the athletic prowess of my dog. I’m glad it happened. It was like an “I told you so” to keep an eye (and a leash) on her.

So we reunited and cuddled all weekend. And now she’s in her crate and I’m at my desk, in mine. Rob shaved his head bald against my wishes and I’m moving ahead with my plan to chop off about 12 inches of my hair. As revenge.

Wondering if the sheer weight of my hair is contributing to my neck problems. Or if I actually have whiplash from riding Expedition Everest three times. (I’m wearing my Yeti T-shirt today). All I know is that I napped a lot this weekend, and it hurts most when I first wake up, and last night before bed I felt generally achy and weak. This was after eating a filet of salmon I didn’t really like.

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