Fish are friends, not food

OK. So I’ve been eating salmon. It’s served at all my work functions, and just seemed like the thing to do. My intent was only to eat work-related salmon, but now my acupuncturist tells me that I’m not eating enough protein.

Guess that doesn’t come as a great shock, as I consider a baked potato to be a perfectly balanced dinner, but I didn’t realize it could affect my body’s ability to heal a sore neck. So I’m reintroducing other kinds of seafood, such as shrimp and tuna. Have to say, it did improve my ability to eat well while at Disney World. For instance, my lunch options one day were ice cream or a tuna sandwich.

I wasn’t too disturbed by eating fish. I don’t really mind watching a salmon be chucked into a boat and thrash around for breath. Unlike the decapitated elk I recently watched being butchered.

But then I saw the fish farm on the “Living with the Land” ride at Epcot. Where they quote “There is no governing nature except by obeying her.” Oh yeah, so why are you trying to grow hydroponic tomatoes on trees?

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