What ails me

The acupuncture worked for about 20 minutes. As I lay there with the pins in my hands and feet, my appendages felt warm and liquid and relaxed. The acupuncturist (who talked too much if you ask me) said I’d know when I was done, and that seemed to be the point when I started to become aware of little pin pricks in my body.

I felt cured, but the soreness returned just before martial arts class. The class didn’t make it feel any worse. In fact, I’ve found that sore muscles feel better when moved, like it loosens them up and prevents stiffening.

Sleeping, on the other hand, makes them more stiff.

I was concerned at bedtime on Monday that my neck was showing no sign of getting better, which is why I decided to go to an acupuncturist. By Tuesday, though, I could tell that the slow process of healing was under way. It’s no worse today than yesterday, but I wonder if it was worth the $75 acupuncture treatment. (It’s covered, but I hadn’t met my deductible.)

Alsoooo, I keep forgetting that chocolate makes me break out. Since I eat the stuff in some form or another every day, you’d think I’d be aware of this. But I don’t have actually chocolate bars (or M&Ms) every day, and when I do, I get big ugly zits. (At least my boxing gloves don’t seem to be causing them anymore.)

We went to Canada on Sunday, and I don’t know if you know this, but their chocolate is different! Some say better. I’ll refrain from making judgment, but I will say that we bought several chocolate bars (mostly for Rob’s coworkers) and declared them at the border.

These days, I very rarely go to a 7-11 and buy a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup or Hershey Bar, so don’t ask me why I thought it was appropriate to eat a Cadbury Crunchie on Sunday, an Aero dark chocolate on Monday and a Cadbury coconut thingy on Tuesday. (Hey, give me credit for spreading it out over three days!) But I do know that I have a pimple for each of those bars on the left side of my face.

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