I need a third TiVo

Mine’s full of So You Think You Can Dance episodes that I can not delete. Last season, I kept wanting to go back and rewatch dances and couldn’t and I was so thrilled to see a bunch of my favorites performed again in the finale. Which I still have on my TiVo.

This season, I kept every single performance episode until TiVo refused to record the three “finale” episodes this week unless I deleted something. I painstakingly deleted the one with Lacey and Kameron’s “All That Jazz” number and another one or two, and I hoped that the finale last night would have enough of my faves so I could delete more, but I still have a good 14 hours of shows that I want to watch over and over and over again. And they haven’t come out with DVDs of this show. (Music licensing, I’m sure.)

Ironically, having all those episodes sort of spoiled the finale for me, because after the final performance show Wednesday, I went through and watched my favorite dances again, so all of the numbers they did Thursday were pretty fresh in my mind. And none of them were actually performed better than the first time.

Speaking of Kameron, how come he was the only one in the top 10 who wasn’t asked to reprise a number? Sara, my fave, got to perform three (deservedly so, of course), and Anya, Jesus and Hok didn’t even make the Top 10, and they got to perform…

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