Hamlet’s Dresser

I’m listening to a great audiobook called “Hamlet’s Dresser.” It’s a memoir that caught my eye at the library and I checked it out to see if it actually has anything to do with Hamlet. It does.

The author (who is the reader) is a Shakespeare aficionado who enjoys reading to old people. (He uses the term “old people” often, never calls them elderly or mature or some other euphemism). He also has a severely retarded younger sister.

The book is so lyrical and he reads it so well that you can see how he makes Shakespeare accessible by reading it aloud. It’s a pretty heartbreaking story, but told poetically, with the repetition of phrases and the interspersing of Shakespearean quotes. Maybe the language is overly florid at times, but it doesn’t matter.

I’d like to listen to him read entire plays.

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