Can’t get enough of my dog?

Me either.

She’s still my favorite model, although once again I was looking the wrong way when the best photo opportunity of the day presented itself.

I had her on a 20-foot lead, which allows her to do whatever she wants as long as she’s within 20 feet of me — it’s part of her training. We’re supposed to come up with a command to tell her it’s “free time,” and originally I was going to use “Take a break,” but that morphed into “Shake and Bake.” (Talladega Nights, anyone?) Yes, that means when I say, “Isis, Shake and Bake,” she’s going to know she can move freely about a 40-foot circle.

Today, at least I had my camera with me and turned on, and I was even looking through the viewfinder, which is what caused me to miss the Nikon Moment. I was shooting a beautiful panorama of mountains and river … oh, didn’t I mention we were on a river bank? … when I heard a splash and looked down to see the leash out in the water, attached to a completely submerged Isis. She must have walked (trotted, more likely) straight into the river, not knowing that the water would be over her head. My panic that she was going to get away from me and drown must have been brief, because I managed to get this shot:

Click on the picture to view more photos than you ever needed to see of my dog frolicking on the river bank. Go through them really quick, and it’s like watching a movie!

As you can see, she decided not to submerge herself again. We did find a salmon carcass, which was a perfect time to introduce the command, “Leave it.”

Interesting. I wasn’t sure what she was barking at when she was splashing around, but looking at the pictures, I think it must have been her reflection!

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