I never thought it would come to this

I’m training my dog with a medieval torture device.

Oh, the animal cruelty!

I just found a coupla websites that argued that the prong or “pinch” collar is safer and more humane than your standard choke, but that’s not why I made the switch. She wasn’t responding to corrections with the choke chain. Look, she weighs 45 pounds and she has a tough neck. She didn’t understand why I was tugging on her necklace and so she was confused about what she was supposed to be doing. When the trainer put the prong collar on her, there was a noticeable difference. So, there you have it.

I took her for a walk along the boardwalk at a bayside park yesterday, and confess that I left the prong collar at home. I don’t want people judging me! Of course, they were probably judging me anyway, since I have to jerk on the chain harder with the choke chain.

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