Shiny toys and drafty abodes

Without warning, on Tuesday I started having work to do again. Some of it was work I probably should have done during the six-week period prior, instead of obsessing over plumbers and ebay auctions and decidedly not doing any work. If only I’d known that I had this work to do.

On the same day, at practically the same moment, an early smurfday present arrived, courtesy of my father. A new laptop. The cable and software that supposedly will facilitate the transfer of Stuff from my old laptop arrived today. So now all I want to do is go home and transfer files.

Amusingly enough, many of the reviews for this software claim that it crashed repeatedly and ruined their new computers by transferring too much Stuff. I’m guessing they bought crap computers that were prone to crashing? I’m surre this latest version won’t cause me any problems. Should be interesting.

Oh, another funny thing, we have to pay a guy to remove all the wet, falling down insulation from under our house. Then we have to have a plumber come look at the corroded copper pipes and then we have to pay a third individual to replace all the insulation under the house. The insulation process alone could cost around $4,000. So excited to find out whether we also have to repipe the entire place.


It’s a good investment, since we never plan to move. Otherwise, I’d have to encourage all prospective buyers to crawl under the house — where I’m afraid to go and I’m not afraid of anything. Not jumping out of planes or most small spaces as long as they’re well lit and I’m alone in them — to see all the renovations we could afford.

The insulation guy stood us up today. Great sign. If he shows tomorrow, it’s gonna be a cold weekend indoors. Thinking maybe I should have held off on the new laptop, since it’s not supposed to heat up as much as the previous one, so I don’t think it will do much to keep me warm.

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