But, but, AOL started it!

The average worker admits to frittering away 2.09 hours per eight-hour workday, not including lunch and scheduled break time. An America Online/Salary.com survey shows that employees are wasting about twice as much time as their employers expect.

Top Time-Wasting Activities

  1. Surfing Internet (personal use), 44.7 percent
  2. Socializing with coworkers, 23.4 percent
  3. Conducting personal business, 6.8 percent
  4. Spacing out, 3.9 percent
  5. Running errands off-premises, 3.1 percent
  6. Making personal phone calls, 2.3 percent
  7. Applying for other jobs, 1.3 percent
  8. Planning personal events, 1.0 percent
  9. Arriving late / Leaving early, 1.0 percent
  10. Other, 12.5 percent

Yeah, well, at least I don’t socialize with my coworkers, and I’m not applying for another job.

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