Beautiful film

I used to watch a lot of artsy foreign films. I enjoy listening to the foreign languages while reading subtitles. Except when the language is French.

Last night I watched a wonderful Thai film that Rob has had on DVD for quite a while. Beautiful Boxer is about a transgender muay Thai fighter. He takes up boxing to support his family and later to earn money for a sex change operation.

The music and cinematography are gorgeous, as are the performances. The film shows Nong Toom as a novice monk and as a boxer-in-training. Watching it, you really get a sense of two of my favorite aspects of Thai culture: Buddhism and muay Thai.

Interesting too, that Nong Toom struggles with becoming a boxer, because it’s too violent. His trainer’s wife takes him to an early morning practice, where Nong Toom sees the beauty in the moves.

Highly recommended.

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