Sux and the Citi

My oldest living credit card has been given a death sentence.

It had been gathering mold in a drawer somewhere for a few years, but I started using it all the damn time after I got mad at my Amazon Visa for failing to send me a new card when the last expired. (Then oops, silly me, I found the new one unopened in a stack of mail. No idea when it arrived.)

The AT&T Universal Card, now owned by Citibank (of the None of our Customer Service Reps Know Anything About Any of Our Programs Because They’re in Bangalore fame), started offering Cash Rewards, which amounted to a check for $60-$80 every few months, when I remembered to click the Redeem Rewards button. And since I pay in full, on time, every month, this was almost as profitable as my ING savings account. (Plus, after my car was burgled, and my purse stolen with an uncashed Rewards check, they actually sent me a replacement check!)

This system evidently did not work for Citibank, as I received a letter today … and for some reason, actually opened it:

Citi, the issuer of your AT&T Universal Cash Rewards Card, has decided to discontinue this credit card for business reasons.

Business reasons such as having to pay me to use their card, sted of the other way around, maybe?

I have never heard of such a thing, and I wonder if they’re discontinuing the Cash Rewards card altogether, or just mine.

To this, I say F you, Citibank!

PS. Neutrogena came through and mailed me a check for $11 and change for the inconvenience of a few blemishes. Think I’ll go ahead and buy the anti-wrinkle/anti-blemish cream, and see how that works.

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