Late to the party

I got my first CD player in 1991. First DVD player in 2003. I don’t even have an iPod, but Rob’s had an MP3 player for a while, and today he picked up an old-school iPod at a pawn shop.

Does that mean I’m In Da Club?

I’ve been wishing I had an iPod since my last airplane ride, when I was the only person on the entire flight without earbuds. On the shuttle home, I listened to a CD, get this, on headphones hooked up to my laptop! So embarrassing. I’m glad it was dark.

The reason I’m so late to switch to the New Stuff is because I don’t see the need for it when it first comes out. Obviously, if I’ve never watched a movie on DVD or skipped songs on a CD, I don’t know what I’m missing. The tape version seems perfectly good and the New Technology seems awfully pricey.

With this iPod fad…I haven’t joined in, because I don’t already use a portable music player. I never knew that I needed 100s of songs available to me at the click of a button while at work or in my car.

I have, however, started to think it would be supercool if my phone doubled as an MP3 player, cus I don’t want to have to carry something else with me all the time. Since Cingular won’t let me cancel my contract or upgrade my phone right now, I’m going to hang tight (maybe play with Rob’s toys), and in October, when it’s time, I hope Best Buy will be running a special on some supercool new phone that holds a lot of songs.

By the way, I didn’t know about Motorola’s ROKR and SLVR, even though I’ve seen those commercials where the person is listening to music that’s sposedta automatically pause when the phone rings. I didn’t get that it was advertising a feature of the MP3-phone. I thought it was telling me that the ring tones sound so good, people are listening to them like music!

Can you believe how dumb I am?


Am I the only one who’s completely certain that they are in a Truman-show style dome under a glacier?

Note: I have not given away anything from the season finale of Lost, although I did just give away the ending of The Truman Show. Haven’t seen it? Shame on you.

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