No Xpoilers

We went kayaking yesterday. And saw lots and lots of seals, who poked their little heads out of the water so very close to us. Such big inquisitive eyes.

Rob was very impressed with my paddling abilities. So was I, until a few minutes before our 7 p.m. showing of X-Men started, when the ache set in. I was expecting to have sore shoulders and biceps. What I did not expect was to have the bones in my hands and wrists and forearms ache. Like as if my skeleton had been coated with adamantium, but I lacked Wolverine’s super-healing powers.

Later, I took a muscle relaxer, which was not relaxing and I tossed and turned and couldn’t get comfortable as Rob snored away, on top of the covers so that I couldn’t even get all the way under the comforter. And didn’t feel like getting up and retrieving another blanket.

Still hurts today, but I find it better to keep moving. Keep typing, so the joints don’t stiffen again.

And X-Men: The Last Stand? I loved it. I tell you, I love those characters and their mutant powers and I don’t care if it’s not true enough to the comic (because I don’t know any better). I love watching Ian McKellan and Rebecca Romijn and Hugh Jackman do their thing. And I wonder what it’s like for Ian McKellan to don that funny helmet and shoot a scene where he does nothing but wave his hand at some metal. And I wonder why the Beast’s blue didn’t come off on everyone and everything. Mystique’s blue looked a little more permanent. And what’s that like for Rebecca Romijn to walk around, basically naked, on set all the time, even though she’s covered in blue?

Rob didn’t like the movie so much.

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