5 ways to make a positive impact on homeless dogs

For this month’s Positive Pet Training Blog Hop, I’ve got 5 ideas for ways you can help out the homeless dogs in your community. 1. Adopt one. Obviously. But not everyone can do that, so I’ve got four more ideas. 2. Walk them. I’m lucky to have a local animal shelter that lets me drop in wheneverContinue reading “5 ways to make a positive impact on homeless dogs”

Why Rescue Dogs Need Positive Training

Sometimes I feel like a fraud joining the Positive Pet Training Blog Hop. You see, aside from the String Cheese Counter-Conditioning Protocol (which, don’t get me wrong, definitely counts as Positive Pet Training), I don’t train my dogs. I just burnt out after Isis. I’ve tried Rally O with Leo, and we have really nice agility equipmentContinue reading “Why Rescue Dogs Need Positive Training”

Blog the Change for Everyone

This news story irritated me this morning (emphasis mine). A dog described as an American Bulldog was visiting a Temecula home Saturday afternoon when the dog mistook kids playing as aggressive action, according to the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department. … The dog, described by animal control officers as an American Bulldog, was with three childrenContinue reading “Blog the Change for Everyone”

Lucky and Ty find families

Two of my long-suffering buddies at the Humane Society of Skagit Valley have been adopted! Lucky, as in L is for Lucky, and Ty, seen here in this photo by Tracey Salazar. Salazar and another photographer, Lara Grauer, are working with The Dugan Foundation and Pawsitive Alliance to spread the word about dogs who keepContinue reading “Lucky and Ty find families”