The girl with the Isis tattoo, part 3

In Part 1, I said I had no plans to get a tattoo.
In Part 2, I said I’d never do it again.
(In between I explained why I changed my mind the first time.)

All I can say now is that I’ve grown to admire the artistry of tattoos. And I wanted more than her name. I wanted her face with me forever.

With huge thanks to The Sara Kay at Laughing Buddha.

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Published by Kari Neumeyer

Writer, editor, dog mom, ovarian cancer survivor

17 thoughts on “The girl with the Isis tattoo, part 3

  1. OMD! I love it so much! I recently had my second tattoo put on my left wrist. It is a heart with a paw print and #7 in the center. Bentley has a #7 on his hip in white fur. ♥

    1. I’ve always had a thing for purple flowers. You can kind of see in the reference photo that there are tulips behind her. That was the inspiration for the tattoo. Tulips are kind of a big thing in this region too. Mount Vernon, Wash., has a Tulip Festival. (It was either that or lotuses.)

  2. Very nice!!! I keep wanting a tattoo, but I also keep being too chicken! Did this one hurt as much as the one on your foot did?

    1. Yes and no. The foot one started out excruciating, but only lasted 20 minutes. On my arm, when she started, I thought, “No problem! This isn’t bad at all!” But it was a 2-hour tattoo, where she winds up going over the same skin over and over, so it feels like you have a bad burn and someone’s scraping it. But I’m thrilled with the result and so happy I did it!

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