The girl with the Isis tattoo, part 3

In Part 1, I said I had no plans to get a tattoo.
In Part 2, I said I’d never do it again.
(In between I explained why I changed my mind the first time.)

All I can say now is that I’ve grown to admire the artistry of tattoos. And I wanted more than her name. I wanted her face with me forever.

With huge thanks to The Sara Kay at Laughing Buddha.

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17 thoughts on “The girl with the Isis tattoo, part 3

  1. OMD! I love it so much! I recently had my second tattoo put on my left wrist. It is a heart with a paw print and #7 in the center. Bentley has a #7 on his hip in white fur. ♥

    • I’ve always had a thing for purple flowers. You can kind of see in the reference photo that there are tulips behind her. That was the inspiration for the tattoo. Tulips are kind of a big thing in this region too. Mount Vernon, Wash., has a Tulip Festival. (It was either that or lotuses.)

  2. Very nice!!! I keep wanting a tattoo, but I also keep being too chicken! Did this one hurt as much as the one on your foot did?

    • Yes and no. The foot one started out excruciating, but only lasted 20 minutes. On my arm, when she started, I thought, “No problem! This isn’t bad at all!” But it was a 2-hour tattoo, where she winds up going over the same skin over and over, so it feels like you have a bad burn and someone’s scraping it. But I’m thrilled with the result and so happy I did it!

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