The girl with the Isis tattoo

The fact that I don’t have a tattoo is something of a point of pride, like not being married. The longer I go without having a tattoo or being married, the prouder I am of both.

Jennifer Aniston recently had her dog Norman’s name tattooed on her foot. That’s a tattoo that makes sense to me. In theory, I would like to have the name “Isis” tattooed on my body. Not that I could ever forget her, but I’d have her always with me.

Where would I put such a tattoo? Ankles are a popular spot, but I don’t know, seems a little trendy. A tramp stamp or cleavage tattoo? Definitely no. Hands and arms are too visible. The back of my neck would be a good, subtle place, because it would only be seen if I lift up my hair, but duh, I’d want to be able to see it!

So yeah, I guess ankle or foot. Not that I actually have plans to get a tattoo.

Published by Kari Neumeyer

Writer, editor, dog mom, ovarian cancer survivor

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