Thai meditation music, it’s not just for dogs

An excerpt from Bark and Lunge: The Isis Story, with accompanying soundtrack:

The gentle strains of dulcimer music tinkled from the library. I had set a timer in the room where Isis hung out the most. Every day at noon, the CD player clicked on with meditation music I bought in Thailand. Isis never mentioned whether she found the Chamras Saewataporn album soothing or not, but whenever I was home to hear it, the eleven-minute opening song, “Journey on the Earth,” floated in my heart, reminding me of the first time I heard it playing at a CD stand in a Bangkok skytrain terminal. I tried to let the sweeping, dreamlike tones wash over me and take me back to an easier time. Hearing the music made me long to curl up and take a nap with Isis on her favorite couch.

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