The Spot

When Rob got home from work, Isis used to run over to the couch excitedly, jump up on it and wait for him to fawn over her. He called it “The Spot,” as in “Go to your spot.” It was supercute.

Leo is learning to make himself at home on the furniture. Some dog trainers discourage this. A while back, I mentioned to the guys at doggie daycare that Leo got crumbs in bed when I gave him cookies, and they frowned at me in a big way.

“You need to make him work for the treat.”

I did, I was rewarding him for getting on the bed! We want him on the furniture with us so we can snuggle him until he likes it.

Anyway, he was curled up in The Spot when I started writing this, but then he hopped off and lay down on the floor next to my chair.

Sometimes when we catch him on the furniture, we join him and try to smother him with love, but he just gets up and moves off the couch. Last night before bed, however, he let me.


I am going to hold you here, kissing your head, until you like it.

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Writer, editor, dog mom, ovarian cancer survivor

2 thoughts on “The Spot

  1. We broke our own rules 2 months after adopting Comet. The no couch rule was broken the 1st week by John who would carry Comet around in his arms and settle down with him sleeping. The no bed rule was also broken by John though only doing it when Comet was sick and just continued it. I do love having Comet snuggle with us on the couch, on the bed, in the car. Totally reverses my hypertension. I think I might get an Rx for his snuggling.

  2. Yep, we thought we were going to keep Isis off the bed, but Rob threw that out the window within about a week, by pulling her up and saying, “Whee! Isis is on the bed! Isis is on the bed!”

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