The Guard Dog

Among many things we miss about Isis is the complete security we felt that no one would ever break into our house. Sure it was irritating to have her go bonkers every time the UPS guy dropped something on our porch, but no one was coming into this house uninvited.

Leo already has gotten a lot better about being loose in the house, and we moved his crate to the TV room, so when he acts up, we put him in there until he decides to stop chewing on us or the furniture. We also crate him when we leave the house, so he’s not free to devour any home intruders.

A kind friend who dropped off food for us last week said he heard Leo’s voice and that he sounded so grown up. I took some comfort that Leo attempted to ward off the guy on the porch.

I also was strangely delighted last night to hear Leo unleash his big boy voice at the pizza delivery guy. While our Isis alarm was frantic and terrifying, and rest assured, she would bite first and ask questions later, Leo’s bark is low and masculine. If you didn’t know he was confined by bars, you wouldn’t want to mess with our house.

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One thought on “The Guard Dog

  1. I love that our beagle is our “guard dog” as well. There isn’t any barking involved, but the baying has had the plumber and the FedEx guy take a few steps back from the door. Kinda satisfying… Until he’s actually let out and the baying turns into little cries as he tries to kiss and lick those very same “intruders”. *sigh*

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