Bringing home baby Leo

We’ve named him Leonidas, or Leo. AKC name: Lion King of Sparta (Rob doesn’t know that last part yet, but nor does he care).

I had planned to bring Isis with me when I pick him up, but that just doesn’t seem like the best idea anymore, since Rob won’t be able to go with me…and besides, my deposit is non-refundable and all the other puppies have been sold and picked up. We’re stuck with this one, whether Isis likes it or not!

I’ve got a pretty good strategy for introducing Isis to Leo in a neutral location after we get him home tomorrow night. It’s going to be fine. She’s going to treat him right. They’re going to be besties.

I feel guilty though, and wonder how parents of human babies do this. For more than three years, all Isis has known is the spoiled life, being the apple of our eyes, queen of the castle. Beloved and doted upon. How’s she going to deal with another little critter coming into our home?

Will she think we don’t love her anymore? Or that we’re trying to replace her? How can I help her understand that Leo is a gift for her, a playmate for her, someone who will make her life richer and more fun?

Whatever we do, we can’t let her think of Leo as a competitor for our affections.

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