Miracle cure

I guess I ought to give a shout out to the miracle cure that has enabled me to put weight on my right foot.

Active Release Technique

It feels like a deep tissue massage, but as I understand it, she separates scar tissue from tendons, ligaments and muscles, alleviating the pain.

The pain in the ball of my left foot was debilitating, no joke. It hurt to walk, and ached even when I was doing nothing.

The relief I felt after the first ART session with Barbra was immediate. After 3 sessions, I’d say I’m 87 percent better. I still have to favor the foot a little, and hesitate to do things like jump rope or stand one-legged with all my weight on the ball of my foot. But I got through a step class yesterday without pain during or after.

I’ve had her work on my stiff neck too. It’s funny, I feel completely pain free immediately afterward, but the tightness comes back within a few minutes. So I have less grandiose expectations about her curing that problem and enabling me to do kettlebells again.

She treats TMJ as well, so that’s next on my list, since the left side of my jaw has begun clicking. (That was the first symptom I felt on my right side in 2003.) I swear, if it turns out that TMJ can be CURED by ART, I’m going to be so relieved and so pissed off that I didn’t know about it 7 years ago.

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