Reading in the dark

I’m using John Henry (my iPod touch) as a Kindle. It might even be better than a Kindle.

I read the Wonderful Wizard of Oz first, because it was free, to see if I could actually read an entire book on the device. Even though the “pages” are small, the “page turning” via a swipe of the finger is so fast, I don’t consider that a negative.

I bought Dead until Dark, the first Sookie Stackhouse novel, for about $6 and have been enjoying it very much. I find I read more often, because I tend to always have my iPod within arm’s reach, so when there’s a pause in my day, a wait for my takeout order or a lull between television shows, I read a bit.

The screen is illuminated, but I set the reading app – Stanza – to have a gray screen, so the glare doesn’t hurt my eyes. I can read in the dark. If I can’t sleep, I don’t have to worry about the noise from page turning. I don’t have to prop my head up, but in fact can lie on my side with my head on the pillow.

2 thoughts on “Reading in the dark

  1. Have you watched the True Blood tv show? How does it compare to the novel?

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