Baby brother on the way

We’re getting a baby brother for Isis in 2010. I’ve thought for a long time that we’d get another dog. The sick side of me needs a backup, because Isis won’t be around forever, and I don’t think I could stand coming home to this house without her. Also, she needs a playmate for her last remaining years. (She’s 3).

For a while, though, it seemed like another dog would be a problem, because Isis is so reactive. However, our dog trainer thinks it would be therapeutic for her. She’s still quite puppylike in her behavior (despite her advanced age of 3), and since she’s a girl, maternal instincts will kick in. If we get a boy and Isis can always be the Head Bitch in Charge (I have never used that expression before), she won’t have to compete with the new arrival.

I’m still a little worried about how she will respond initially. Will she bark at him when she first meets him? Will they ever fight?

This morning, Isis and I practiced jumping and weaving with the new agility equipment we got for Christmas. The increased mental stimulation gave her a major case of the zoomies. As she raced around the yard, I pictured what it would be like to have another dog to race alongside her, chase and be chased. I’m really excited to add to our family. We have a great yard for two dogs, and Isis will love having a playmate. Especially since I haven’t taken her to a dog park for the last year.

Our yard is fenced now, with a gate. It’s more closed off than it was when we first got Isis. We also have some flat terrace levels perfect for the agility equipment. Some grass has grown in since we threw some seeds around a few months ago. Isis has made dirt tracks in it, but I don’t mind, even if the city stormwater department might.

Rob has his heart set on getting another dog spawned from Isis’ father, which is doable with a little road trip to California. I’m torn, because I’d like to be able to rescue a shelter dog. However, I’ve been looking on Petfinder and haven’t seen any dogs that speak to me the way Isis did when I first spotted her in the kennel with all her siblings.

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