The movies might actually be superior to the novels

I can’t possibly be the first person to critique the Twilight novels on their literary worth. I can’t imagine that these are original ideas. I discussed earlier what the appeal is, allow me now to tell you what is wrong with the writing. It’s so wrong, I can’t imagine there wasn’t an editor who said, Hey, Stephenie Meyer, there is a fundamental flaw with your novel.

My first issue, which I know isn’t universally agreed upon, is that I think vampires should have fangs. My second complaint is that there is no vampire action! I’m only midway through New Moon, so perhaps there is some action yet to come. However, take the first novel (spoiler): there is exactly one vampire fight/bite scene, and it happens while the first person narrator is unconscious. The movie is superior in this regard: at least we see the vampire action.

Could this possibly be an attempt at leaving something to our imagination, because what we imagine is scarier than anything the writer can describe? Because to me, it reads like inexpert writing.

There’s slightly more werewolf action by the midway point of New Moon. The wolves themselves are described, as are their transformations. But so far, there’s been one werewolf-on-vampire confrontation, and it happened off camera…or, rather, off page! I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I hope this too we get to see onscreen.

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